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Family Friends

Welcome to my Family & Friends.

This is Mia, he's the newest addition.

This is Sasha, she's our little girl.

This is Rudy, he's our little boy.

This is Bandit, she was my first kitty. She's waiting at Rainbow Bridge.

Works In Progress

This section contains pictures of Cross Stitch that I'm currently working on.

This is Home Grown Melons designed by Pam Kellogg.
It is the final piece in a series.

This is Teresa Wentzler's The Castle.
Her name is Dixie, and She's a Blue and Silver/White Draggie.

Finished Cross Stitch

This section contains pictures of completed Cross Stitch.

This is Sweet Summer Plums by Pam Kellogg.
I'm almost finished this series.


This is Grove Fresh Lemons by Pamela Kellogg.

About Me

I live in Eastern Canada with my DH and our furbabies, Rudy, Sasha, and Mia. (See pics to the left)
DH and I have been married over 3 years. We own and operate our own Photography business out of our home.
I'm now trying to start my own business incorporating the photography.

My Hobbies

I love reading. Romance, Mystery, Shakespeare, Austen, Rowling, etc. Some of the crafty things I do are beading, cross-stitch, and some dabbling in scrapbooking. I also enjoy playing games on the computer, and chatting online. All of these things help reduce stress and make me a happy person. It's not good if I'm not a happy person.

Fav Authors Books

J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books are a favourite of mine. Rowling is a phenomenal writer.
Nora Roberts and her alter pen ego J.D. Robb are a hugh favourite. The Eve Dallas "In Death" series is the largest collection I have by one author.
I also enjoy Johanna Lindsey, Virginia Henley, John Sandford, Sidney Sheldon, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and Terri Blackstock.

I'm currently trying to read The Holy Bible.

My Buddies

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Yuku Chatting

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Peoples Thoughts

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    Just sending Random Acts Of Kindness Kudos. Hope your day is going GREAT! Laura
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    Hey there! Well, as you know, I didn`t get to see you when I was home last. Things were crazy, to say the least. Do you want to try for a get together again? I`ll be home in October sometime, and I don`t know how long for, but likely a few months. It would be fun to have coffee and chat stitching!



    Reply from RedStorm26ca:

    That sounds good. Just let me know when you get into the area.
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    Ok...i`ll drop you a line when I get to Canada...i`ll give you my phone number and we can set something up!...
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    I see you live in Digby!...I am from the Annapolis Royal area...I am coming back in March...wanna meet for a coffee?...image


    Reply from RedStorm26ca:

    That's cool.
    I'd love to meet for "coffee". You can have coffee, I'll have hot chocolate. ;)
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    Saying hi and leaving you a kudo...also a rather belated friend invite...I thought I had already added you...image

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    mtrl girl

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    LOVE your avatar, Claire!!! I had a Fraggle Rock lunch box from Gr. 1 through Gr. 6. Fraggles are the coolest! I hear there's a movie coming out, too!
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    Missy Ann AL

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    Great avatar. I didn't much care for Fraggle Rock. But Red; Red rocked.
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    Thanks for the nice words! I decided I might as well enjoy the new board environment, and go with the's kinda fun too!

    -Kathy (aka StitchinKat)

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